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Partial outage

Open | Jan 21, 2020 | 09:04 GMT+00:00

We have a partial outage in the primary data centre we use currently affecting:

NS1 - primary
NS2 - primary
Management Dashboard

We are currently investigating the cause of the downtime and anticipate it being back online within the hour.

Service is not affected as our DNS servers are globally distributed and have off site replication.

Degraded performance for DNS requests routed through London

Closed | Jan 21, 2020 | 09:00 GMT+00:00

Incident closed.

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  • Open | Dec 21, 2018 | 16:36 GMT+00:00

    Monitoring tools detected a short outage of less than 3 minutes on all 3 of our London based name servers provided by Digital Ocean.

    The outage started at 16:36 and was fully resolved by 16:40.

    DNS requests were re-routed to regional DNS servers in Frankfurt with a meaningful down time of no more than 15 seconds.

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